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DD Tarp Pole 2.2m
DD Tarp Pole 2.2m
DD Tarp Pole 2.2m
DD Tarp Pole 2.2m

DD Tarp Pole 2.2m

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New for 2020!

The DD Tarp Pole - 2.2m is a lightweight, yet seriously strong support pole, ideal for use with our range of tents & tarps.

Modular construction and solid support
The pole consists of 4 separate sections which connect robustly together, with the height adjustment coming from a simple-to-use screw system on the base section. There are no preset heights, you can choose the length of the pole down to a milimetre!
A secure plastic foot prevents slipping on the ground and protects the material on your product, whilst the tip section of the pole has a blunt spike designed to slot securely into the eyelets on your tent or tarp. There is also a loop so you can tie off your guy-lines, doubly securing your set-up.
With a very tall maximum height of 2.2m, this pole is strong enough to support some of our largest products. However, if you need to stay lower to the ground, you can omit one of the central sections and set the height nice and low to the ground with the screw adjustment.
Please note due to its longer length we decided to make this pole using thicker aluminium (stronger) than our shorter 1.8m pole. It results in a strong pole for the size. Doing this has added a little to the cost but we feel it is worth it for the extra strength. 
Size Up to 2.2m
Colour Silver / bare aluminium
Weight 460g
Includes 1 x pole (4 sections)
  • Four detachable sections:
  • 1 x base section, 2 x central sections, and 1 x end section
  • Pointed at the end for slotting through eyelets and attachment loops, or pitching directly into the ground.
  • Loop next to the pointed end for attaching guy-lines or ridge-lines.
  • Plastic footing on the base section to avoid damaging tent/tarp material or groundsheets.
  • Secure modular set-up allows different lengths up to 2.2m
  • Lightweight at 460g
DD Tarp Pole 2.2m
DD Tarp Pole 2.2m