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Nomad 100 Solar Panel

Nomad 100 Solar Panel

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Improving upon its predecessors with a massive 100W power output and larger size, the Nomad 100 Solar Panel from GOAL ZERO charges smartphones, USB devices, or power packs off the grid. It will directly charge small electronic devices at your campsite or even when hung on your pack as you hike in the sunlight. The folding design saves space for easy storage and transport, and also offers some added protection for the panels. The unit features a built-in charging cable for optional Goal Zero Sherpa Power Packs and Yeti Solar Generators, all of which are compatible.

Using an optional MC-4 branch connector/adapter cable, you can chain 3 or 4 Nomad 100 panels together for a huge increase in power and decrease in charging times. In this configuration, voltage will increase but amperage will remain the same so as to cause less electrical friction and heat. It's not recommended to plug chained Nomad 100s into a Goal Zero Sherpa or Yeti. The solar panel does not hold a charge itself, but rather, produces power only when exposed to sunlight--so be sure to connect it to a power pack if you want to store power. Cloud coverage and the angle of the panels can impact performance, so avoid the shade and don't attempt to use the unit indoors. The Nomad is highly weather-resistant and safe for exposure to rain or snow, but not waterproof.

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