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A Wilder Experience

Silva Begin 2

Silva Begin 2

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The Begin 2 wrist compass is the perfect entry-level compass for children. It is small and designed to fit perfectly on a child’s hand. Thanks to the wrist band, both hands are free which makes it easier to hold the map and focus on the direction.

The compass has a robust, rubber housing which makes it withstand even the toughest treatment and conditions. The needle is made of finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic features.


  • Robust material with rubber housing to withstand tough treatment and conditions.
  • North pointer for easy and fast direction finding.
  • The needle is made from finest Swedish steel with high quality magnetic features.
  • Wrist band; minimum risk of losing compass during run.
  • User level: Basic/entry-level


Similar to a watch it can be used on either left or right wrist


Perfect when you just want to get going - fulfills the most basic needs.
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