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Trangia 27-23 UL/D Duossal 2.0 Cookset

Trangia 27-23 UL/D Duossal 2.0 Cookset

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Trangia's Duossal (Duo stainless steel/aluminum) cooksets provide durable, efficient cooking for the lone hiker or camping duo. Made from Trangia's updated Duossal 2.0 material (Stainless Steel 0.3mm interior/ Aluminium 0.5mm exterior), Duossal pots provide efficient spreading of heat with a scratch resistant, hygienic interior. The 27-23 UL/D Duossal cookset features a UL (ultralight) windscreen, 2 nesting Duossal pots (1L each), non-stick frypan (180mm diameter) , alcohol burner, pot grip and strap.

Packed dimensions: 185 mm x 100 mm (height)
Cookset weight: 855g

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