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Velvicut Double Bit Saddle Axe 2lb

Velvicut Double Bit Saddle Axe 2lb

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The Velicut Double Bit Saddle Axe is a portable, highly versatile pack axe uniquely designed to offer the ability to cut, shave, carve, notch, and split through the use of two blade angles (one on each side). Like all Velvicut axes, the Saddle Axe is forged from 5160 alloy steel for maximum performance and edge retention.

The edge is flat ground, providing maximum bite when using, and phantom bevels in the axe head aids with the removal of the bit after strikes. The left bit is ground to 25 degrees - excellent for fine work: shaving, slicing, carving, while the right bit is ground at a steeper 32 degrees for heavier tasks: notching, splitting, hewing.

Together, this double bit axe's blades provide versatility and power, while still remaining eminently packable - earning it's name as the go-to axe traditionally carried in a saddle bag while on horseback.

Velvicut Double Bit Saddle Axe

Forged 5160 steel head - 2lb - bits ground at 25 and 32 degrees
16" premium hickory handle
Includes premium leather mask
Backed by Council Tool's Lifetime Guarantee
Made in the USA

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